All our production takes place inside our factory in Sarezzo. The best raw materials are selected to be processed by our mechanical department, where we mainly produce from full all the parts that make up our shotguns. This allows us a capillary and continuous quality control of the parts that will become the heart and the engine of your new Marocchi shotgun.



The mechanical parts then go to the finishing and assembly department, where skills and know-how come together in the expert hands of our craftsmen who manually perform each phase of the assembly of each shotgun, up to its registration and firing test. Every step in the construction of our shotguns is followed with meticulous attention to detail and quality of performance, to guarantee our customers a product that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also and above all safe and extremely performing.



The monobloc


The block combines the barrels to the receiver, receives the locking bolt and works with pins to allow you to open your Over&Under. Our monobloc has a low profile and two solid sealing crampons, positioned in the center. The design is accurate so that to make precious the connection with the barrel. In the production of monoblocs, we only use forged parts that guarantee the safety of the shotgun over time. For both raw materials and external processes, we rely on the most advanced and certified specialized companies of the sector.


Strength and resistance to guarantee the perfection


The action is the seat of the firing mechanism: the fundamental requirement it must have is solidity and for this reason, for the lines of our over&unders, it is built using the same steel as the forged monobloc. For the receivers of our lines of semiautomatic shotguns we opt instead for a high performance 7075T6 aluminum alloy that offers superior strength compared to the common alloys used on the market.

Another important factor is aesthetics: shapes and rays must satisfy the customer’s taste and the search for elegance and style is interpreted according to the best Italian tradition. Over the years, we have found ourselves to satisfy the most different needs and our R&D department faces every new challenge with enthusiasm, studying and choosing cutting-edge processes for which our professionalism is recognized and appreciated all over the world.


The chokes


The choke is the signature of your barrel to the pattern, the last part of the shotgun in contact with the ammunition at the shot’s moment. Our choice to use the same material for the production of both barrels and chokes proved to be the winner as it provides equal elasticity and prevents any deformation. Furthermore, the use of steel ammunition also requires us to further treat the choke in order to ensure very high resistance. Marocchi offers a wide range of internal and external chokes, long and extra long. On request, also the 90mm Maxi90 are available, which emphasize the performance of the barrel with exceptional results also at higher distances.