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FIRST MK2. The newest O&U made in Italy with ultra-resistant steel.


The development of First MK2 arose from the request, expressed by many of our customers all over the world, to have an O&U durable over time, even in worst circumstances. For First MK2 we have chosen to use steel for the production of receiver and tail, a choice that guarantees stability and durability over time even in worst conditions. First MK2 is available with automatic ejectors or manual extractors and suitable for all those who want excellent performance and quality Made in Italy.


The accurate study of our technical department focused on optimizing balancing, developing the best solution keeping in mind the receiver and tail and the necessity to ensure a fast and precise wielding for the shooter. The result is First MK2, an easy-to-use and robust over and under.


The quality of selected raw materials together with know-how and expertise of our gunsmiths combine and complete each other in the production of the new First MK2, ensuring a mechanism which is precise and perfect in every detail.


First MK2 fits 70mm chokes produced in our plant. The steel is the same one used for barrels in order to take advantage of the same elasticity of the materials; this feature, together with internal chrome, guarantees that our chokes have a very low roughness, which reduces the deformation of lead on its passage, giving a perfect shot-pattern.

FIRST MK2 DL36 36 (.410)ga

FIRST MK2 DL36 36 (.410)ga
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FIRST MK2 DL410 is the small gauge that is becoming increasingly popular in the hearts and preferences of hunters and shooters worldwide. Designed on a steel receiver specially thought for the 36 (.410)ga, which is also embellished with engravings filled with black ink and animals finished in gold.
A small gauge only by definition, because among First MK2 line it stands out for the robustness of the steel receiver and the excellent performance of the Marocchi barrels it fits. The O&U is completed by oil-finished walnut stocks with a fine aesthetic finish

Technical information
Gauge 36 magnum (.410)
Chamber 3", magnum
Barrel lenght available 28''
Chokes Interchangeable chokes
Action Made in durable steel dedicated to the 28ga.
Action finishing The surface of the receiver is hand-polished by the craftsman; it is then engraved with a decorative motif and wildlife subjects. The engraving is enhanced with gold detailing and black ink along the receiver's profile. It is then nickel-plated in order to give brilliance to the rifle, and, as a final touch, the gauge and Marocchi logo are engraved on the receiver plate.
Trigger Single trigger
Extractor Automatic ejectors
Stock and fore-end Premium walnut wood set, oil finishing
Weight 2,80kg with 28" barrel
Standard equipment In carton box complete with 5 chokes (70mm), choke-key and sling swivels
Available options Barrel length 76cm or 81cm