Marocchi barrel


The smooth barrel is the heart of your gun and it is the result of a long and careful manufacturing process. Cleanness, use of the best materials, study of optimal equipment and proper knowledge of the production sequences are the main requirements for the good result of the entire manufacturing phase.

With almost a century of experience, we have cataloged different types of specific steels for smooth barrels. The machining and the high drilling-turning concentricity allow us to check deeply the wall thicknesses in the critical points, granting the perfect success of our barrels, with absolute concentricity of chamber, forcing cone and choke.

All the equipment used for fixing, alignment and further machining have been developed and studied by our technicians to ensure maximum accuracy and precision. The know-how generated over the decades is a source of deep pride for us and our collaborators.

Even the binding of the whole barrel, that is a very delicate operation, is carried out manually by our specialists. The choice of the line and products, it emerges the knowledge and experience that we have handed down for decades and that we improve and enrich every year with new methods and solutions.

After the braze-welding operations with special silver and cadmium alloys, the barrel is completed by the internal chrome plating and the external blueing, giving our customers a product of the highest quality, the result of the implementation of technical knowledge and innovations processes that are proper to Marocchi working method.

The process is the same even when it comes to semi-automatic shotguns as welding is always carried out manually and with extreme precision to avoid tensions that could affect the ballistics features of the barrel. The mark “Steel Saint Etienne” is a signature that we engrave on our barrels in memory of the excellent performance of the French barrels obtained with the same artisan process, that is expensive but extremely affective for the production of smooth barrels for semiautomatic shotguns.