Marocchi is a company specialized in the production of hunting rifles and shotguns. It was founded in 1922 by Stefano Marocchi, since then Marocchi is managed and headed by the family.

Stefano Marocchi started producing parts for high class side by side, later he switched to Holland&Holland side by side and Anson. 1957 represents an effective turning point: Stefano Marocchi won the Oscar for the international invention in Bruxelles, due to the creation of a Co2 semiauto rifle. In the same year, the company exhibits its own Over&Under- the first Over&Under in its history – the Marocchi SM57.

The manufacturing of Over&unders strongly encourages the Marocchi’s development; in the immediate future several supply contracts are pledged. At the head of the company sits the energy of Michele Pietro Marocchi, Clay shooting European Champion; still today we show his own O&U in our showroom.

Marocchi established a company for the production of Co2 rifle and, according to Pietro’s idea a new building assigned to the manufacturing was built in Sarezzo, where is still today.

With the entrance of Piero’s son, Mauro Marocchi, Cd.Europe rises in order to keep together the several companies which were established.
The Marocchi decides to use the knowledge gained with the mechanical manufacturing and to diversify the manufacturing process.

At the end of the 20th century the production of parts for automotive starts and it is on the world business still today. The experience grew in this sector and it revealed itself strongly synergic for the Marocchi gun’s business which, forced to follow the strict technical standards set by the automotive department, is one of the first gun’s factories to obtain the Quality Certification ISO9001:2012.

In 2008 there is a significant change when Cd.Europe bought the British Daystate, world leader manufacturer in the production of PCP air rifles. A contract of distribution of Breda goods is stipulated.
As Mauro Marocchi suggested, the factory concentrates itself on the development of semi-auto inertia system and it keeps creating new products for its own costumers.

Inside the life of the company Michele Marocchi join the business taking care of customer service.
Being the fourth generation i am proud of our History and i trust in our skills. I’m Michele Marocchi and I work in Cd.Europe in the commercial departement. I hope you will appreciate our products and our way to manufacture.


What is the birth of a smooth barell?
The smooth barrel is the heart of your gun and it is the result of a long and careful manufacturing process. Cleanness, the use of the best materials, the study of optimal equipment and the proper attention to the success of the manufacturing phase are the main requirements.

Strongly supported by a century of experience, seven types of steel assigned to smooth barrel have been classified (look at the steel’s table). The production of a smooth barrel high concentricity allows the control of wall’s depth in the critical points providing a guarantee for the excellent production of our barrels, with the absolute concentricity of chambre and choke side.

The equipment used for the fixing, the alignment and the next manufacturing have been developed and studied by our experts in order to guarantee the greatest accuracy and precision. Moreover, the setting of the barrel, an extremely delicate operation, is hand-made by the specialists.The choice of the line and products highlights the knowledge and the experience that we have preserved for decades and that has been made wider year by year.

Once the welding with ceramic products and welded with specific silver and cadmium alloys have been completed, the internal chrome plating of tubes and the brunitura complete the work suppling our costumers with an extremely qualified product which is the result of a wide range of technical devices and innovative process typical of Marocchi.

As far as semiautomatics are concerned, the process is different: the welding is hand-made and it’s properly detailed in order to avoid every type of tension. The so called “ Stell Saint Etienne” is a signature which is labelled on our barrels to commemorate the greatest performance of the french barrels produced with the same process.

The monobloc
The block combines the barrels to the receiver, receives the locking bolt and works with pins to allow you to open your Over&Under.

Our monobloc shows a very low profile made up of two strong climers situated in the middle of the bloc. The design makes an exquisite junction with the pipe. The production of the monobloc employs drop-forged parts only in order to guarantee the gun’s safety in the course of time. As for the external manufacturing and the different kinds of material we turn to well-advanced companies and certified factories.

How do we produce chokes?
The choke is the barrel’s signature on the last part of the rifle which is in contact with the ammunition at the gunshot’s time. Our choice to use the same material for the production of both the barrel and the choke revealed itself successful: it guarantees the same elasticity and prevents possible deformations. In addition the use of steel-shot ammunition forces us to deal with the choke in the proper way which is necessary to ensure the biggest resistance.

Marocchi offers a wide range of internal and external, long and short schokes. By request, the Maxy 90 (90 mm) are available; they permit to accentuate the barrel’s performance showing excellent results at higher distances.

A strong receiver guarantees the perfection
The reciver, as well as the clock’s chest, contains the gunshot’s work. The main requirement is the solidity and, as a consequence, the reciver is made up of the same steel which is used to produce the drop-forged monobloc.

Another important requirement is the aesthetics: shapes and radius are expected to satisfy the costumer’s taste and the search of elegance and style follows the well-known italian tradition. Over the years we have gone along with the wider demands and our R&D service faces every challenge with verve making the catalogue richer with Over&Under made by alloy. Finally, we select weel-advanced manufacturing for our new products and our signature is clearly highlighted and appreciated all around the world.