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First 28ga. fits an aluminum action dedicated to the 28 gauge. Handy, light and aesthetically well balanced, this hunting shotgun is an excellent choice in the range of over&under Marocchi. The 28ga. is becoming increasingly popular on the hunting scenario, thanks to a smooth recoil that guarantees shooters to enjoy a long day of hunting with a portable, smart Italian shotgun. Even in the 28ga. our brand stands as a guarantee of excellence and attention to detail.

Technical information
Gauge 28 gauge
Chamber 2" 3/4
Barrel lenght available 28''
Chokes Interchangeable chokes
Action Made in high resistance aluminium alloy and proper proportions dedicated to the 28ga.
Action finishing The surface of the frame is polished manually by the skilled hands of a craftsman; subsequently it is engraved with a delicate floral motif that encloses the "Marocchi" logo engraved in the lower part of the frame. The frame is then nickel-plated in order to give the shotgun brilliance and, as a final touch, all the engravings are filled with deep black ink. On the frame chest, a delicate play of drawings encloses the engraving of the caliber and the Marocchi logo.
Trigger guard Single trigger
Extractor Automatic ejectors
Stock and fore-end Made in walnut, oil finishing
Weight 2,65Kg with 28" barrel fitted
Standard equipment Delivered in proper box with 5 chokes of 5cm lenght and choke-key
Optional / Accessories Available ABS Gun case and steel test proof